Company Profile
Company Name   ISIN of TWSE: 1909
Long Chen Paper Co., LTD
Company Profile
Long Chen Paper Co. (LCPC) is a service-oriented company that manufactures recycled containerboard, corrugated
medium paper, corrugated board, and packaging materials, with operations in locations across Taiwan and Mainland
China. LCPC offers an extensive scope of products and services and offers customized packaging solutions to
satisfy customer needs. We place a particular emphasis on providing careful treatment of the merchandise
throughout the logistic pipeline and serve clients ranging from paper packaging manufacturers to consumer goods
providers, such as food & beverage, IT, and electronics firms.

LCPC operates paper mills according to comprehensive conformity environmental protection production
management programs. We are devoted to continuing to administer and develop an eco-friendly business model that
utilizes recycled materials and that embraces a business philosophy and integrated operating procedures that are
environmentally sound.
Business Locations
  Taiwan  Paper Mills:Erlin
Converting Plants:Nankan, Longtan, Shengang, Yunlin, Luzhu
  China  Paper Mills:Wuxi, Zhejiang LongChen
Converting Plants:Suzhou LongChen, Kunshan LongChen, Minhang LongChen(Shanghai),
Xiasha LongChen(Hangzhou)
No. of Employees
3,510 employees worldwide ,including 2,445 employees in China.
Group Revenue (year2014)
  (In thousands of NTD)
Taiwan China Other
NTD 27,487,942 NTD 6,430,882 NTD 20,956,066 NTD 100,994
Capital as of Aug 31,2014 No. of Shares    
NTD 8,371,133,090 837,113,309