Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
   Directors Vita Independent Directors Vita
  Cheng, Ying-Pin Chairman, Long Chen Paper Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Taiwan Paper Industry Association
Chiu, Shean-Bii Professor, Department of Finance, National
Taiwan University
  Hsu, Siao-Po Chairman & CEO, PHYCOS International
Co., Ltd.
Wu, Zhi-Wei Chairman, Zhi De Investment Co., Ltd.
  Tseng, Wei-Jerng Executive Vice President, Taishin .
Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.
Wu, Zhi Fu General Manager, Taoyuan International
Airport Services Co., Ltd.
  Chiu, Chao-Chang Professor, Department of Information
Management, Yuan Ze University
  Guo, Ming-Chien CEO, Zoyi Capital Ltd.
  Chiang , Chun-Te Chairman,ISTRA Co., Ltd.
  Audit CommitteeVita
  Chiu, Shean-Bii Professor, Department of Finance, National
Taiwan University
  Wu, Zhi-Wei Chairman, Zhi De Investment Co., Ltd.
  Wu, Zhi Fu General Manager, Taoyuan International
Airport Services Co., Ltd.
  Attendance of Board Meetings   Resolutions submitted by the Board
Internal Audit
LCPC shall follow the “Criteria Governing the Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Reporting
Companies” issued by the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan. The adoption of or amendments to
LCPC’s internal control system shall be submitted to the board of directors for approval by resolution unless
approval has been obtained from relevant government authorities.
  Audit department and internal auditors
LCPC’s Internal Audit is an independent unit that reports directly to the Board of Directors.
The Internal Audit department is comprised of one department head and 4-5 full-time qualified internal auditors.
Any appointment or discharge of the department head shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
The names, ages, educational background, experience, seniority, and training of the internal auditors shall be
reported to the FSC for recording by the end of January each year.
  Objectives of Audit
The aims of our internal audit program are to conduct audits effectively, to evaluate problems in the internal control
system and assess the efficiency of operations to ensure that such a system can be carried out effectively on a
continuous basis, and to assist the board of directors and management to perform their duties effectively so as to
ensure a sound corporate governance system. Therefore, our internal audit program shall take into consideration the
overall operational activities of the firm and its subsidiaries in establishing an effective internal control system that
will be constantly reviewed and updated so as to keep up with the changing environment inside and outside the
company and to ensure that the design and enforcement of the system remain effective.
  Procedure of Audit   Regular Declaration of Audit
  Evaluation of transaction risk via internal control cycle   Declaration of audit plans
  Approval of board of directors for annual audit plan   Declaration of audit team
  Conduct regular or irregular auditing work   Declaration of insufficiency
  Post-audit communication and final forum   Statement of internal control
  Audit reporting   Report of insufficiency improvement
  Follow-up and upgrading reporting  
  Self-Assessments of internal control system  
  Audit Performance Report
completed by the Audit team, shall stipulate commends and be delivered to members of the board of
directors, Audit Committee, and the Investigation Institution manage.
Cardinal Corporate Codes
  Memorandum and Articles of Association   Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal Assets
  Rules and Procedures of Board of Directors   Policies and Procedures for Financial Derivatives
  Rules and Procedures of Shareholders Meeting   Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Third Parties
  Procedures for Endorsement and Guarantee   Corporate Governance Principles
  Ethical Corporate Management Principles   Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
  Codes of Ethical Conduct   Rules for Election of Board of Directors
  Rules for Governing the responsibilities of
  Independent Directors
  Audit Committee Charter
  Remuneration Committee Charter   Internal Procedures for Handling Materia Inside