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  Longchen P&P’s Carbon Reduction Mission  
  Human being pursue for civilization and enjoys in a convenient life; however, the environment has to pay for the cost of filling with trash. P&P is dedicated to the development of efficient technology for resource utilization to recycle waste papers in the trash, then, making them into packing cartons for products. To leave more resources and cleaner life environment for the children, we keep increasing recycle technology, and fully decreasing carbon for the Earth.  
  Our Mission II  
  Lead time  
    Time is the most precious resource for operating an enterprise. We must therefore acquire skills to minimize lead-time.  
    We must identify and satisfy the needs of our target customers to win their approval and achieve mutual understanding.  
    Every operation must strictly follow standard procedures. We must continually eliminate non-value processes and establish improved standard procedures.  
    We must not only excel in our industry, but also surpass our history.  
  Our Philosophy  
  Respect teachers and value the principle of nature. Sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honour.  
Respect teachers
Respect the teachers that physically educated us.
Respect those immaterial teachers help us succeed even more
Value the principle of nature
Value the natural evolution and continue to improve.
Follow the seasonal rhythm of plough in spring,
weeding in summer,harvest in autmu and storing in winter.
Propriety:Be educated
Justice:value the honesty
Integrity:make clear distinction between public and private interests.
Honour:owning up to mistakes and learn from them.
    A competent supervisor is one who continues to improve one’s understanding in his field of expertise and pursues a higher virtue.