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  Paper and packaging are indispensable in human life. Through the diversified corrugated boxes package design, besides eliminating the use of tape and Styrofoam, it also helps strengthen the anti-compression and anti-collision performance of corrugated boxes and reduces the space taken by corrugated boxes during transport, realizing economical eco-packaging. In fact, there are related laws and regulations in place for the definition and management of eco-packaging in the European Union and the United States now. Minimal packaging, content of harmful substances, and recycling and reuse are all regulated. Hence, besides the need to constantly reduce consumption of resources and energy during the manufacturing process flow of raw material paper in order to reduce pollution and the further enhanced use of renewable materials, the papermaking and packaging industry must also develop “light-weight, durable, non-poisonous, and easily recyclable” technologies in subsequent package design and development in order to replace packaging materials with relatively high impacts on the environment.  
  Most energy and resources in Taiwan depend on import. Established in Taiwan, Longchen P&P knew deeply about the fact of limited resources and the importance of environment protection. Our papers for producing corrugated boxes are all complied to RoHS and REACH requirement by EU. Our plants obtained the certificate from Forest Stewardship CouncilTM. We are committed to continuously reduce the environment footprint resulted from packaging materials. In response to challenges from climate change, we are devoted in creating energy conservation and carbon reduction benefits so that customers can enjoy low carbon product packaging services.  
  We are constantly recognized by different fields in terms of business management and environment protection and we obtained various international seal. For the details, please refer to Honorable Management.  
  Longchen provides eco-packaging products and services and provides external product packaging for many well-known enterprises around the world. Regarding our service content and actual performances, please refer to Quality Marketing-Packaging Solution.