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  In order to further optimize the healthy life for employees and to enhance safety in the workplace, the Company started off with food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment in the occupation life so that colleagues can eat healthily, dress properly, live tidily, travel safely, and receive education in the midst of entertainment.  
Employee Catering
  Self-organized employee catering. The Company does centralized purchases to keep track of quality of food ingredients and designs a menu with balanced nutrition so that colleagues can eat healthily and with assurance.
Employee Uniform
  Winter and summer uniforms and coats are available so that colleagues can wear them with comfort and appropriately.
Healthy morning meeting, Stretching before work
In compliance with the belief in “prevention is better than treatment” Longchen P&P promotes healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and care in health morning meetings, reminding colleagues to pay more attention to their physical and mental health. And stretch the muscles and bones before the healthy morning meeting to enhance the immunity of the colleagues.
Employee health examination
Employee heath examinations take place on a yearly basis. The factory physician is arranged to provide health consultations.