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Energy Management
Longchen P&P has introduced ISO 50001 international certificate at each plant throughout Taiwan Strait gradually since 2013, aiming to assist the organization establishing energy management system in order to achieve the goal of systemize energy management, obtain the substantial benefits of improving energy utilization efficiency, reducing energy costs and GHG emission.
  Power Consumption of Erlin Mill

Year     2016     2017     2018     2019     2020
Total power consumption (1,000 kWh) 192,180 271,283 269,926 260,706 260,962
Mean electricity consumption per ton of produced (kWh/ton)       473       450       424       402       393


 Erlin Mill biogas recovery system

ICON4 The plant established biogas recovery system in 2013. In addition to reducing GNG emission, energy consumption can also be reduced. Anaerobic system for waste water treatment can covert the COD in waste water to biogas (methane gas) and collect and store by the recovery system. The system can produce 20,000 m3 per day.
ICON4 Biogas was sent to the cogeneration plant to be incinerated and recycled for power generation. An average of 16,000 kg coal consumption can be reduced per day, which is equivalent to CO2 reduction of 14,073 tons CO2e/year.