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  Work Safety  
  Longchen P&P valued the work safety of our employees and partners. Through the morning meetings on usual days, industrial injury cases are communicated to remind colleagues of paying attention to their own safety and their family’s safety. In addition, new hires have to complete and be approved through the Company’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the Quality Control System (QCS) training, and the safety education and training exams within 3 days. After passing the exams, safety supplies (safety shoes, overalls, and helmets, among others) will be handed out and they may enter the plant to begin working. Longchen P&P also has the Industrial Safety Management Room in place. Prior to entering each plant, partners have to complete the training where the workplace and safety concerns are introduced to reinforce their awareness.  
Work safety management and training
Promote work safety cases, remind colleagues to follow operating standards, be aware of their safety for themselves and their family. Prior to entering each plant, partners have to complete the training where the workplace and operation scope to ensure operation safety.
Work safety management room and daily inspection
The Company established Work Safety Management Room and labelled safety concerns to bring up the awareness of our partners and colleagues. Office for general affairs of the plant has established the inspection route map to confirm the organization, tidiness, cleanliness and safety of the equipment and workplace every day and submit summary of abnormalities.
Safety protection and training
Safety helmets, ear plugs, reflective vests, maintenance and repair clothing, safety shoes, etc. are provided in accordance with work demands. If industrial safety accidents occurred in the plant, the director of the plant shall gather all relevant supervisors of the plant to confirm the cause of the incident, countermeasures and launch promotion training within 24 hours to avoid reoccurrence of the incident.