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  Core Technologies  
  We value the coexistence and co-prosperity of enterprise and environment. To pursue sustainable operation, the Company builds the corporate core competitiveness on technologies for using resources with high efficiency and extensively develops and applies the following 5 high environment protection technologies to provide people with the eco-packaging required in daily life, which attends both environment protection sustainability and the enhancement of life quality.  
  High technology to utilize reclaimed fiber:  
    For each ton of waste paper, 0.87 tons of fiber is recycled. For each kilogram of regenerated boxes produced with recycled waste paper, it helps reduce 5.3 kilograms of CO2 emissions for the earth.  
  High technology to help with energy-saving production:  
    For each ton of paper, 1.2~1.5 tons of steam and 380~430 kWh of electricity are used. Whenever the type of equipment is selected, energy-saving technology is introduced in real time and it is now at the advanced level.  
  High technology to help with water-conserving production:  
    The in/out control of water resources is managed at the source. For each ton of paper, the amount of water consumed is less than 5 tons, which is far lower than the actual accomplishments of counterparts and the reclaimed water reuse and rainwater collection and reuse technology continues to be explored.  
  High technology to help with air pollution, water pollution, and waste reduction treatment:  
(1)Air pollution: The Company continues to enhance desulfurization and denitrification technology. Our emission of air pollutant reached the latest national environment protection standard. The emission of nitrogen oxides is lower than 100mg/Nm3 and the dust in air is lower than 20mg/Nm3. In addition, the Company won “Company with Good Performance in Industrial voluntary energy conservation and carbon reduction” by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2014.
(2)Water pollution: For each ton of paper, 5 tons of waste water was produced with COD lower than 60 ppm. The water quality for discharge satisfied the requirement in local regulations. Moreover, we reused the waste water from printing the cartons and reduced the use of 6 tons of waste water every day.
(3)Waste reduction: Make sludge resource, reducing 70 thousand tons of refuse each year.
  High technology to utilize the space:  
  Value process flow analysis is performed applying the 6S revolutionary concept to normally reduce space in the plant without additional value and to reduce spatial demand by standardizing the process flow.