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Company Profile
Company Name 1909 ISIN of TWSE: 1909  
Longchen Paper & Packaging CO., LTD.  
About Us
Longchen P&P Group uses recycled waste paper as its raw material during production and is a service-oriented manufacturer featuring vertical integration of low carbon papermaking and eco-packaging. It provides corporate customers with tailored and high value-added overall product packaging solutions applying the environmentally-friendly advanced technology that makes the efficient utilization of resources possible.

Our products are applied in packaging purpose for domestic/foreign sales in all industries. The Company also provides raw materials of paper for designing packaging materials to competing companies. Our customers covered information technology industry, textile industry, food industry, agricultural fruit industry, mechanical hardware, department stores, online shopping industries, ceramic industry, etc. Moreover, the Company is devoted in developing energy regeneration and recycling. The heat produced during papermaking process was recycled and reused. The remaining electricity was sold back to TPC. The following shows the major products and service items of the Company:
(1)Low Carbon Papermaking Business (79.6%): Containerboard : Linerboard(carton cardboard) , Medium(corrugated paper)
(2)Eco Packaging Business (19.0%): Corrugated Board, Corrugated Boxes
(3)Energy and resource recovery and reuse (1.4%): procurement and sale of waste paper, CHP, incineration, test runs and commissioned business.

Human being pursue for civilization and enjoys in a convenient life; however, the environment has to pay for the cost of filling with trash. P&P is dedicated to the development of efficient technology for resource utilization to recycle waste papers in the trash, then, making them into packing cartons for products. To leave more resources and cleaner life environment for the children, we keep increasing recycle technology, and fully decreasing carbon for the Earth.
Business Locations  
Paper Mills:Erlin 
Converting Plants:Nankan, Longtan, Shengang, Yunlin, Luzhu
Paper Mills:Wuxi Long Chen, Zhejiang Long Chen, Hubei Long Chen(Songzi)
Converting Plants:Longchen Greentech(Kunshan), Suzhou Long Chen, Minhang Long Chen(Shanghai), Xiasha Long Chen(Hangzhou), Xiantao Long Chen, Jingzhou Long Chen, Wuhan Longchen (under preparation), Hunan Longchen (under preparation)
No. of Employees  
3,742 employees worldwide, including 2,635 employees in mainland China.  
Group Revenue(2020)  Taiwan China Other  
NTD  41,600,592 thousand NTD  7,962,114 thousand NTD 33,213,278 thousand NTD  425,200 thousand  
Capital as of Dec 31,2020 No. of Shares  
NTD  12,776,857,270 1,277,685,727