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  Green Technology  
  Longchen P&P is devoted in promoting “Low-Carbon Papermaking, Environmentally-Friendly Technologies, and Eco-Packaging”. To leave more resources and cleaner life environment for the children, we keep increasing recycle technology, and fully decreasing carbon for the Earth. We paid attention to environment protection in our production process and devoted in developing recycling technologies with high-efficiency resources. Moreover, we incorporated energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution prevention in the daily operation of the enterprise.  
  Our products came from recycled scrap paper and can be recycled and reproduced after using, forming business model of resource circulation. In every step of the production process, we continue to enhance our operation efficiency to protect the environment. Regarding the performances of energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction in the production process of Longchen P&P, please refer to Green Production- Green Process.  
  Our Five environmentally-friendly advanced technologies applying resources at high efficiency, including 1. the advanced reclaimed fiber utilization technology, 2. the advanced energy-saving production technology, 3. the advanced water-conserving production technology, 4. the advanced air pollution, water pollution, and waste reduction treatment technology, and 5. the advanced space utilization technology. For details, please see Green Production- Core Technologies.