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  Employee Benefits and Retirement System  
    Longchen P&P is devoted to satisfy its employees’ demand for welfare. The Longchen P&P Employee Welfare Committee formed by 25 representatives from the employer and among the employees set up multiple benefits and utilization of the benefits among employees:

1. Labor and health insurance, Organizational insurance for life, accidents, hospitalization and cancer
2.Wedding, funeral, occupational damage allowance
3.Staff meal and uniforms
4.Annual health examination
5.Employee tours
6.Festive bonus
7.Birthday and birth bonus
8.Education subsidy for employees and their children
9.Subsidy for Community activities

In order to take care of employees after they retire, the Company establishes the “Employee Retirement Regulations” as required by applicable laws and regulations. In the region of Taiwan, for colleagues that are applicable under the old system, 15% is set aside from their salary each month to the Bank of Taiwan to be the retirement reserve; each month, 6% is set aside from their salary each month to the personal account with the Bureau of Labor to be the labor retirement fund.
  Work Environment and personal safety protection measures  
    In order to improve the workplace for employees and the working approach and to accomplish the purpose of zero disasters, Longchen P&P already established its Safety and Health Campaign Implementation Regulations and the Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Committee in order to periodically educate its employees on safety and health and to encourage respective units to effectively prevent against occupational hazards, to protect the safety and health of workers, and to improve the workplace and the working approach, realizing the purpose of zero disasters.

In addition, in order to further optimize the healthy life for employees and to enhance safety in the workplace, the Company started off with food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment in the occupation life so that colleagues can eat healthily, dress properly, live tidily, travel safely, and receive education in the midst of entertainment.
    Employee Catering:Self-organized employee catering. The Company does centralized purchases to keep track of quality of food ingredients and designs a menu with balanced nutrition so that colleagues can eat healthily and with assurance.
Employee Uniform:Winter and summer uniforms and coats are available so that colleagues can wear them with comfort and appropriately.
Employee health examination: Periodical health examinations are provided to employees.
Health knowledge sharing: health workshops are organized during morning meetings to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent against and care for disease, and remind colleagues of paying particular attention to their personal physical and mental health.
Tobacco-free workplace: There is the outdoor smoking area. It is non-smoking indoors and smoking cessation is encouraged in order to create a tobacco-free workplace.
    Safe Workplace  
    Longchen P&P provides group insurance better than that required by the Labor Standards Act to assure and protect its employees. In addition, through the morning meetings on usual days, industrial injury cases are communicated to remind colleagues of paying attention to their own safety and their family’s. New hires have to complete and be approved through the Company’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the Quality Control System (QCS) training, and the safety education and training exams within 3 days. After they are approved through the exams, safety.  
    Daily Patrol  
    In terms of daily patrol, the route is established by the General Department at each plant. The sorting, organization, cleanness, and safety of equipment and the environment are confirmed on a daily basis, with the guide to abnormalities introduced.  
    The Four Labor Safety Forms Ensuring Engineering Quality and Safety  
    If any contractor enters site for construction, as is required according to the four labor safety forms, the staff supervising construction inside the factor is responsible for performing duty management and labor safety inspections of contractors each day in order to find out possible safety concerns.